Tasting at Epoch
Let us take your tasting experience to the next level.  Visit our historically-storied tasting room to sip our delicious 100% estate wines and to hear our rich story from our fun and fabulous team!

Our Current Pours, typically five wines, give you a well-rounded view of the
wonderful wines at Epoch.

Appointments are offered daily between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.
$20/person.  Waived with each $50 bottle purchase.
Request an Appointment
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For groups larger than five people, let's chat about your visit.  Please contact us at marley@epochwines.com Or give us a call at 805.237.7575 to schedule a time for your group to taste with us.

A credit card is required for groups larger than five.  Tasting Fees will be charged for no-shows.  Arriving later than 30-minutes is considered a no-show.  Thank you for your understanding!
We are planning to visit you in the glorious month of: *

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We may not have the month you are visiting set up yet, but we still want to get you on the books!  Write in the date you are looking to come in additional notes or contact us directly to schedule your visit.
You can email us at marley@epochwines.com or call us at 805.237.7575.
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We offer tastings every hour!  If you'd like something on the half-hour, let us know in the notes.

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A few planning pieces...
• We kindly ask that our furry friends stay on a leash and remain outside.
• We love picnics and ask that delicious food stay outdoors
• We love kids too but ask that parents keep a close eye on them

If you have any questions before your visit...
Zap us an email: tastingroom@epochwines.com
Give us a buzz: (805) 237-7575

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